I’m back 

Welcome to my blog! You may know that I was for many years a fellow at the Center for Global Development, where I blogged a lot. Last year, after two decades of self-direction at think tanks (including time at the Worldwatch Institute), I concluded that I needed to do something new in order to grow. So I joined a new policy analysis team at the Gates Foundation. In the end, the fit proved too difficult. But the experience was positive in many ways.

One thing I liked was working directly with decisionmakers, allowing my agenda to be shaped more immediately by theirs. Their need to know gave my work impetus. And that is why I have decided to freelance as a policy consultant: I will continue to invite others to set my agenda, in order to learn from, and gain inspiration from, the challenges and choices they face.

Just as with my last blog, I’ll figure this one out as I go. I expect only to write when I have an intellectual itch to scratch—clients willing. Some clients may not want me to write publicly about what I’m studying for them. Others might embrace my blogging as part of their theory of change. I’ll probably blog stuff on my own dime too, be it a hot new book on development or a topic of personal interest, such as why sitting is bad for you. I’ll disclose my client list so that you can judge my writings in the proper light.

My timing will hardly be metronomic, so you might want to subscribe using the e-mail subscription box at right. I hope you’ll join me for this ride from time to time and tell me what you think.