Net Aid Transfers data set (1960–2016)

The Net Aid Transfers (NAT) variable alters two aspects of the standard Net Overseas Development Assistance (Net ODA) measure that can be problematic for aid research and donor evaluation. First, where Net ODA is a capital flow concept, analogous to Net Foreign Direct Investment, NAT is a net transfers concept. That is, Net ODA is net only of principle payments received on ODA loans, not of interest received on such loans, while NAT is net of both. Second, NAT excludes cancellation of old non-ODA loans.

Download: zipped csv & xls

Documentation: CGD working paper

ODA redefinition data set (1980–2013)

Contains a large number of variables resulting from applying different accounting systems to assess the contribution of loans to Net ODA and NAT. Variables are available at the donor, recipient, and donor-recipient level.

Download: Excel file with tables and SQL Server database with underlying data and logic

Documentation: 2015 paper presented at IMF/Graduate Institute Geneva conference